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These terms establish the terms and conditions under which you can use the website and the services offered. By accessing or using the website for the service, you agree that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms of use set out below.

I - IDENTIFICATION IDENTITY is a tech company that has developed an artificial intelligence platform for data analysis and content generation through a machine learning system. The platform carries out three phases with our proprietary technology: it allows you to analyze data and trends, create different types of multilingual content and disseminate content to increase your visibility.


The platform provides various solutions with different functionalities based on the customer's requests. Each tool has its own characteristics and helps the customer to achieve the desired results, for a fee.


Heat maps: allows you to analyze website performance and user behavior via heat maps.

Price: monthly or annual subscription, to be chosen from Free, Basic, Professional, Enterprise;

Trends: allows you to carry out an analysis of trends on social media and search engines.

Price: monthly or annual subscription, to be chosen from Free, Basic, Professional, Enterprise;

SEO strategy: allows you to check and control the visibility on search engines, to get a good ranking.

E-commerce trends: allows you to analyze and detect the main trends on e-commerce sites.

Keyword planning: allows you to analyze and plan advertising campaigns.

Editorial Plan: allows you to organize editorial activity in different ways, including social media planning.


Content creation: allows for the production of multilingual content for every type of need (e.g. product sheets, specialist articles, blog texts, ect)

Price: variable based on the type of content requested and based on the service (see section V);

Translations: a tool that allows simultaneous translation in over 40 languages.

Product Sheets: allows for the creation of original and SEO optimized product sheets.

Automatic text generator: based on a Machine Learning system, it extracts and analyzes texts from datasets using AI, automatically generating new content.

Video with AI: automatically recognizes images and text, making videos optimized for the web.


Traffic generator: allows the dissemination of content and the generation of traffic on websites.

Instagram Trends: carries out a structured analysis of the performance of Instagram influencers.

Tik Tok Trends: Allows you to track trends and analyze account performance on Tik Tok.

All tools, with the exception of Content Creation, have a monthly or annual price list divided into: Free, Basic, Professional, Enterprise.


To access the platform, you must register and provide your personal data (name, surname, email address, telephone number). The data provided during the registration process must be complete and truthful. The registration procedure on the platform is as follows:

Register on the platform by entering an email address and choosing a password;

Wait for the registration confirmation email;

Log in and complete your profile to access all the services offered by


Content Acceptance / Rejection

The customer has the right to approval, request for revision or refusal from the original producer of the content.

From the moment of delivery, the customer is given a maximum delivery date, estimated at approximately one week. does not guarantee delivery by the immediate date if:

- the article is abandoned or not taken over by the authors

- the guidelines are unclear

- technical bugs / anomalies on the platform itself occur

The customer can reject a content (and not pay for it) only for just cause (e.g. serious errors in grammar and syntax, content not relevant to what is requested). The reasons will always be checked by our staff.

It will be the customer's responsibility to provide the author with all the information (any SEO indications, other details, etc.) necessary to deliver a piece in line with the guidelines and your needs.

The author undertakes to precisely follow the indications in the guidelines provided by the customer.

Once the customer has made the request on the platform, it cannot be changed (eg changes to the guideline, delivery data, price, etc.). assumes no responsibility for the veracity of the content written by the author. It will be up to the author to use reliable sources and to the client to check for any conceptual errors.

The customer has the right to request corrections or improvements to the content received by specifying the type of change to be made: the author will have 24 hours to make the necessary changes.

The customer can approve or reject the improved content, in case of non-acceptance within 96 hours, the content will go into self-acceptance by the system.

The authors

The author does not own the rights to the texts or contents that are subsequently used by the customer, he assigns the copyrights against payment of the agreed sum.

The authors and translators are external collaborators who collaborate with and who are paid by for the services rendered. All our authors are reviewed and approved by the Staff through an entry test that serves to assess their writing skills. Once the piece has been written and delivered, the author no longer owns any rights over it, they have given up all rights.

Relationship between Author and Client plays the role of intermediary between client and author, therefore:

The request for revision of the content and the final acceptance of the same is the responsibility of the customer.

The author works as a ghost writer and as a freelancer. Receipts issued by following each payment must be handled by the author according to their tax situation.

In the event that the author or the customer has to contact the respective party directly, the author and / or the customer would violate the terms of use of the platform and consequently his account would be immediately closed.



The purchase of Content Production Tools is made through Credits (virtual currency of

The customer can purchase credits through Paypal, Payoneer and Credit Card.

The customer can buy credits in two ways: subscription or one-shot purchase.


Contents offers three types of subscription plans:

- STARTER plan: includes 5,000 credits + 500 free for a monthly cost of € 50.00 (value of 1 credit = € 0.091)

- PRO plan: includes 20,000 credits + 3,000 free at a monthly cost of € 200.00 (value of 1 credit = € 0.086)

- ADVANCED: includes 100,000 credits + 20,000 free at a monthly cost of € 1,000.00 (value of 1 credit = € 0.083)

All subscription plans renew automatically every month. The subscription can be canceled at any time.

The Plan runs for one month and ends on the day before the corresponding activation date of the following calendar month. The subscription will automatically renew on the day after the Plan ending date.


If the user activates the plan on July 9, 2021, the plan runs from July 9, 2021 and ends on August 8, 2021.

On the next day, August 9, 2021, the plan will automatically renew and the payment method specified will be charged. reserves the right to change the charge date for plan renewal, for example, if the start date of the subscription is not contained in a certain month.


If the user activates the plan on day 30, resulting in a charge on day 30 of each month, in February the charge will be on day 28.

One-Shot Purchase

Contents offers the possibility to purchase a specific amount of credits through a single purchase, not linked to any subscription. The track bar in the Credits Shop allows the customer to choose a specific amount of credits starting from € 50.00. With the One-Shot purchase the value of 1 credit will correspond to € 0.01, therefore higher than its value in the plans.


The purchase of Analysis Tools is done by direct debit through Paypal, Payoneer and Credit Card. It is not possible to purchase Analysis Tools with Credits.

The invoice will be sent by email after payment by the administration. For more information on prices and taxes please consult the section of the platform.


In order to use our website and receive our services, you must have reached the legal age defined in the state of your jurisdiction and have the legal authority, right and freedom to enter into a binding agreement with these terms. You are not permitted to use this website and receive the services provided if this is prohibited in your country or under any law or regulation applicable to your case.


The reproduction of content belonging to is strictly forbidden. The user acknowledges access to a content can only take place via an Internet connection, the costs of the service are entirely at your expense. Following registration by the user, the username and password will remain the sole and exclusive property of, which undertakes to keep the data provided confidential. The privacy information is managed by the owners of the site as per the Data Protection Regulation and risk assessment pursuant to the GDPR 679/2016.


All content on, in particular literary works, graphics, photographs, images, audio and video clips, icons, streaming files and other data belong to the owners of this site or the content providers and are protected by national laws and international copyright. Violators of this copyright will be prosecuted with the maximum applicable penalty. All logos and trademarks on this site may be protected by national and international laws. The aforementioned trademarks may not be used publicly, except with the express written permission of the owner.


Please read the following terms and conditions of use carefully. Using this site and the services offered, you agree to the terms of use. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event is released from any liability for any moral, indirect, incidental, consequential or damages for loss of profits, use, data or other intangible losses, deriving from the use or inability to use the service offered.


To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, assumes no liability for any:

Personal injury or damage resulting from accessing or using the service.

Any unauthorized access or use of servers and all personal information.

Interruption of activities, loss of programs, information deriving from the inability to use the platform.

Compensation claims due for errors or inaccuracies in the content, omissions or inaccuracies on this site or on information, articles and material of any kind.

Each author registered on is solely responsible for their profile and the content published by them, as well as being solely responsible for the accuracy and legality of their content. is in no way responsible for the services provided by third parties on the platform. The site does not guarantee uninterrupted service, or any problems solved immediately. The customer is solely for any damage or problems that may occur during the use of the platform. contains or may contain related links to other websites, including third party advertisements. No responsibility can be attributed to them for such sites or their services, any liability for damage suffered by users related to the use of websites, accessed via the platform, is declined. assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided by the author.


Permanent or temporary interruption or suspension of access to the service is envisaged for one of the following reasons:

Violation of a provision of the terms and conditions of use or any applicable law or regulation.

Lack of verification or authentication of the information provided at the time of registration.

It is possible that you may be required to use the service and request the cancellation of your account and data as per the Data Protection and Risk Assessment Regulations pursuant to GDPR 679/2016 at any time. The user entrusts with responsibility for any cancellation of his subscription. Following this, it is strictly forbidden to re-register on the platform by the same user, even if they have a different account or nickname.

XII - UPDATES AND REVIEW OF TERMS OF USE may update its terms of use at any time, therefore all registered users of are required to constantly review our terms and conditions of use in case of any changes.

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