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AI and Machine Learning

Contents developed an AI system for text generation in order to simplify the writing process of specific news, using a data-driven and machine-learning approach.

Through this technology you can get accurate content in simple way guaranteeing, creating and saving valuable resources.

The algorithm is the director

Our algorithm will choose the best collaborator to produce your text according to your guidelines. Each content creator is in charge of content relevant to his inclinations and talents, in order to provide the best article according to trends. An automatic text generation system (Natural Language Generation), able to gather data from the most authoritative sources (data, social, Google) on the subject, is added to this technological system for every category of text.

The AI system, therefore, does not just select the most authoritative source, but it is also able to guarantee the highest quality level of content through a system of Natural Language Processing that approves content according to specific syntactic and semantic rules and test it through metadata and data set examination, in order to identify the geographical location and the first person who posted it online and verify the veracity and expose misinformation and propaganda online, if required.

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Using Text, you can get unique content for your specific need.

  • Product sheets
  • Website showcases
  • Content and copies for social media posts
  • Websites
  • E-commerce and blogs
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I request content on the platform?

In a few simple steps you can get your content in a very short time:
  • Log in or register your account
  • Click on Orders and place a new order
  • Fill in the form with your details (name, website, language)
  • Give us guidelines, complete the required fields and get your exclusive content according to your specific needs

Can I choose the authors who write my content?

The customer has the option to choose the author who produces his content. The platform's goal is to provide the best copywriters for each user specific need, creating a direct and immediate relationship between the content creator and customers.

How does the assignment of authors work for writing the content?

The assignment works based on the competence of the writer, who will have previously carried out an internal evaluation test examined directly by the Contents staff. After uploading his resume, the writer lists his passions. Immediately after, he has the opportunity to take a trial test which is evaluated by Contents to ensure the best selection of content creators.

How is the quality of content evaluated?

By registering on the Contents platform, the contributor identifies a series of preference categories, the system automatically chooses the best author for each content. The assignment process is based on an internal ranking of the best writers. The score is based on a series of requirements including the author's expertise, the quality of the article and the time the user stays on the content.

How is the quality of an author assessed?

The quality of an author registered on our platform is based on the evaluations that users give on their content. The rating of each author is given by the feedback received from each user, by the degree of engagement and by the reach on social networks.

Are there different content plans?

Yes, the BASIC plan, perfect for those who need a few pieces in a short time; the STANDARD to increase content and visibility, with the 20-text plan; the PREMIUM for professionals with specific needs and, finally, the ENTERPRISE to invest significantly in a project.

How does payment work?

Payment can be made with credit card. The subscription has a duration of 30 days, upon expiration it renews automatically, but you can cancel whenever you want.

Can I pay for a single piece of content or do I have to purchase a content pack?

You can only purchase a content plan, choosing from the different proposals designed for the user.

Does Contents offer me the opportunity to write content for different subject areas?

We offer original content on different thematic areas such as news, technology, fashion, health, gastronomy, travel, sports and much more. The user can request the content in the thematic area of interest according to his specific needs.

Is it possible to write content from a SEO perspective? allows you to enhance your business thanks to the use of SEO friendly content: we create extraordinary content in order to give our customers the opportunity to develop an effective digital strategy, enhance brand awareness, increase the visibility of their business and boost the number of their customers.

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Content Development allows the production of content for every purpose: product sheets, specialized articles, showcase pages for websites, texts for blogs, news, and much more.