Product Sheets

Amplify the value of your products.

An optimized product sheet can make a difference in search engine positionings and e-commerce conversions. Product sheets is a tool designed for the production and description of articles for all online sales websites.

Why Product Sheets?

To best predict the searches of possible customers and get a good positioning for your products, Product Sheet helps you with customizable guidelines based on your business.

We make the customer's user experience unique; we aim to facilitate the user's consumption by providing all the tools to proceed with and complete the purchase. Honesty and transparency are two essential principles when dealing with your current and potential customers, they will command respect from consumers and credibility in the market to the brand.

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Our product sheets are based on three fundamental elements: persuasive copywriting, simple user experience and SEO oriented content, to increase the volume of sales and offer a safe shopping experience.

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With Product Sheets you can create

Product description (for all e-commerce)

Amazon cards (with guidelines specific to Amazon only)

What we offer

Rapid delivery

The speed of our copywriting services is what distinguishes us from the competition. The speed factor helps to increase and strengthen the trust between the customer and the brand.

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SEO optimization and use of keywords

Our descriptions contain relevant keywords that allow the customer to easily locate your product. The study and use of specifically selected keywords give the buyer the opportunity to make the desired purchase quickly and easily.

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Original and unique product descriptions

Focus on the language used to stimulate the imagination of online shoppers, enhance the benefits of the product or service for sale, win over potential customers and influence their purchasing behavior.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Product Sheet?

Product Sheets is the tool that allows you to get copywriting services for product descriptions, editorial cards or showcases for websites in a short amount of time. Get the attention of users and increase conversion chances.

How does the tool work?

Product Sheet offers unique and original content with particular attention paid to SEO analysis and the keywords used to ensure the best positioning on search engines. It guarantees fast service by interacting with management systems.

What are the payment methods?

We study the most advantageous tariff plan for you and your company based on your specific needs. For more information visit our pricing section of our website.

Why do product sheets need to be SEO optimized?

A SEO oriented product sheet allows you to make it easier to find your e-commerce products on search engines. For this reason, our authors pay particular attention to the SEO specifications provided by the client. Furthermore, for optimal positioning on search engines, each product sheet will be unique and different from all the others. It is forbidden to copy the descriptions of other sites!

What are Amazon Product Sheets?

Amazon Cards is a service designed specifically for those who intend to extend their business and sell on this marketplace, which follows a different logic than search engines. This service was created to meet all your needs.

Can I place multiple orders at the same time using the same guidelines?

Sure! On the Product Sheet we offer you the ability to optimize order sending times by uploading a csv file containing all the information on the products: just one click is enough!

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