Our system finds out why users leave your site but also what they love about your web pages.

  • Don’t miss out on what your users are doing online.
  • Using heat maps, track every interaction on your pages.
  • Go beyond statistics by analyzing everything that happens online in real time.
  • Detect any problem on your site quickly and easily.

Visitor’s sessions

  • Do you want to know your user’s navigation path?
  • Do you notice a decrease in attention from one phase to another of the user experience?
  • Why did the user leave without making purchases on your e-commerce site?
  • Why didn't they fill out the form?

The tool records and collects the browsing sessions of your users in order to know how to improve the most important aspects of your site. Each session tracks user behavior and detects the attention thresholds on each page.

Access the data to obtain a timely and functional data analysis for your needs. All of this helps you to identify the strengths of each user's journey

Automatically generated heat maps

What do your users click on? What attracts their attention the most? What's wrong with your CTAs?

The system automatically generates heat maps to analyze your user behavior

Find out how they interact in real time with each page, identifying the elements that attract and divert their attention threshold, in order to make every aspect of your website usable.

Categorize the behavioral data of users on your website.

Real time analysis of your site

Who visits your site? How long do they spend on the pages? Who are your users and where do they come from?

Discover the number of views and sessions per page and the type and location of your user’s device.

Analyze connection data in real time and monitor every detail of your users' behavior on your web pages.

Find out what's happening on your
web site


Research and analyze how your visitors use your website.

The tool allows you to analyze and understand the behavior of your users in real-time, monitoring the performance of the website. In particular: the number of views by users, the length of time they spend on the website, the device on which the user is connected, the search engine used, the user's geolocation, and the attention thresholds, through the heat maps.

Heat map analysis

Analyze how your customer engages with a certain page on your website

Real-time analysis

Easily, analyze and prepare your data to gain your competitive advantage instantly.

Website performance monitoring

Improve your SEO strategy testing and verifying everything about your website.

Session replay

Watch a video session understanding how your users interact with your page.

Pricing plans

Monthly Annual (-20%)

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$0 / Month



Paid Monthly

12 months paid in full

$31 / Month


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Paid Monthly

12 months paid in full

$89/ Month



Paid Monthly

12 months paid in full

$274 / Month


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Free Basic Professional Enterprise
Websites Limit 13 5 10
Pageviews Limit (Month per website) 1k 50k 600k 3.5M
Events Limit (Month per website) 10k500k 6M 35M
Events Storage 15 days60 days 1 Year 1 Year
Recordings (Month per website) 1001k 3k 5k
Recordings Storage 15 Days30 Days 90 Days 180 Days
Recordings Time Limit 1minUnlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Heat maps Limit per Website 550 100 Unlimited
Email Reports NoNo Yes Yes
Monthly cost Free$ 31 / Month $ 89 / Month $ 274 / Month
Annual cost (If 12 months paid in full) $ 236 $ 792 $ 2598
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are heat maps for?

Heat maps allow you to visually understand user behavior on your site: you can see where they click, how much they scroll, what they look at and what they ignore. This data will help you to optimize your web pages.

What are the functions of the tool?

The tool includes heatmaps which enable you to see how users interact with your site providing real-time data analysis, website performance monitoring and user session recordings. This allows you to study how online behavior changes over time and as a result of site optimization changes.

How do I install the tool?

A single tracking code allows you to collect all your users’ data. To install the tool, simply copy and paste your personal Tracking Code on your website.

How does the subscription to the different tool plans work?

You can decide to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. You can also cancel your subscription at any time by simply choosing the free plan as an option

What are the payment methods?

Contents.com has chosen Stripe as a payment method, one of the tools with the most reliable security protocols for sending and receiving money. Thanks to this tool you can independently check and manage the status of your payments directly on the platform.

How does Contents.com work?

Contents offers you several tools, as well as heatmaps, each with its own subscription rate. Therefore, there is no predefined plan that groups together all the different Contents.com tools. If you are interested in a customized plan you can contact our sales team who will help you to choose your ideal package.

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