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Contents has developed a simple and intuitive way to automatically, and instantly, generate high-potential original content. Thanks to Contents' NLG, you can edit and produce multilingual content with no human involvement, with just one click.

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Contents has developed a simple and intuitive way to automatically, and instantly, generate high-potential original content. Thanks to Contents's NLG, you can edit and produce multilingual content with no human involvement, with just one click.
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Sign up with NLG and try generating different content types. You will have access to multiple languages and a selection of content lenghts, eg. short, medium or long paragraphs, medium or long paragraphs. Also, you can generate orginal content from various texts.

How does it work?

What are you thinking about?
Starting with one input, generate unique content of the size you need.
Reduces production time
One click? Yes, and your content is ready to use.
Key-word: uniqueness
Guarantees that the content is always new, original, with anti-plagiarism always active.

Contents gives you more, in less time

Did you know that the time it takes a content creator to edit a content is about 20 to 30 minutes per article?
Contents' NLG generates a large amount of highly original content in just a few seconds. These are a few examples:
Fact sheets
Copy for social media channels

The engine of our machine

It takes about 50 milliseconds for users to create an opinion about your website

Contents, thanks to artificial intelligence, takes

0.05 Sec

To evaluate your request.

40 Sec

To analyze and train hundreds of datasets.

less than 60 Sec

To generate your original content


Contents connects the present to a sustainable future


Digital content manager

Contents manages multiple projects simultaneously, producing high quality optimized texts for better search engine rankings.


Provides consistent amounts of natively multilingual content in one click.

Ecommerce manager

Strengthens brand awareness, with pages and persuasive product descriptions, to acquire new customers and retain existing ones.

Pricing plans

No contracts and no commitments. Cancel anytime.

Don't forget: when the plan expires, the package will be automatically renewed. Cancel or change plans anytime.


The subscription for those who have a business blog, 2 articles per week to keep up-to-date communication with users.

Number of orders 10


The subscription for those who have a website, and want to communicate with their audience with an average of 14 articles per week.

Number of orders 58

8 Free

Best seller


Ideal for those who manage multiple websites and blogs, and want more frequent communication with an average of 68 articles per week.

Number of orders 278

28 Free


Designed for those who, like agencies or publishers, have a network of websites or blogs, and need a huge number of articles: an average of 35 per day.

Number of orders 1060

60 Free

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can do for me? allows you to increase and improve the performance of your website, offering numerous integrated solutions through tools that allow you to analyze future trends, user behavior, site performance, your website ranking in search engines, and much more.

What are the payment methods?

Payment can be made by credit card. Stripe is used for credit cards. Thanks to this tool, you will be able to independently check and manage the status of your payments directly on the platform.

Can I access the data reports I need?

Each tool allows you to access data and organize it in an accurate working report which provides exact analysis.

Can I use multiple tools at the same time? offers the possibility of using more than one tool at the same time. It allows you to choose between different packages that can be modified according to your needs. However, it is not possible to buy more than one plan of the same product.

How to subscribe to offers a monthly or annual subscription service for each tool. For more information, consult the subscriptions and payments section of the site.

How can I register for an account?

To subscribe to the platform, just click on this link and provide the necessary information in order to register in a few simple steps.

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