Democratizing data.

The fully integrated data-driven marketing tool that uses artificial intelligence to achieve perfect interaction between machine learning systems for trend prediction, competitor analysis, user behavior tracking and the creation and spreading of content.

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Contents tools


Performance Monitoring

Analyze customers’ behavior and your website performance in real time.

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Content Development Tool

Select your required content and expand your audience engagement.

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Predictive Intelligence

Predictive media intelligence identifies relevant current and future trends.

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Marketing Intelligence

Monitor and track your position on search engines and increase your visibility.

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Automated Text Generator

Extract and analyze texts using AI and generate unique content.

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E-commerce Intelligence

Keep track of relevant e-commerce trends.

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Influencer Marketing Intelligence

Analyze IG Influencer performance, community impact and public interaction.

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Tik Tok Trend Intelligence

Compare accounts and get insight into data to develop your social engagement.

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The Next Day

Editorial Calendar

The tool for every editorial need.

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Content Booster

Traffic Generator

Gain visibility by generating traffic to your pages.

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Keywords Planner

Advertising keyword planner

Rank the most expensive keywords for your marketing campaigns.

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Video Intelligence

Video Editing Intelligence

Create web-optimized videos with Artificial Intelligence.

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users from all over the world
data sources integrated every day
data records processed per month
e-commerce stores monitored an hour

How Contents works

Make your business smarter by using advanced data analytics and Artificial Intelligence.


Learn from data, recognize patterns, and make decisions with minimal human intervention, transforming data in future trends.


The system makes machine learning operational by connecting its models to the real world. Content production with no manual labor, ensuring it takes less time to produce content in order to save valuable resources.


An integrated system of Business and Artificial Intelligence finds the best solution for your business.

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Makes your unique business grow, reducing content production costs


The questions everybody is asking

What can do for me? allows you to increase and improve the performance of your website, offering numerous integrated solutions through tools that allow you to analyze future trends, user behavior, site performance, your website ranking in search engines and much more.

How does work?

Register on Contents platform and access our services, our technology is designed for every need. You can choose between different tools: trend prediction, content generation, user attention threshold analysis, positioning analysis, translation services, performance analysis on the main social media and editorial content planning.

Can I request a consultation?

Our customer care team will guide you through choosing the most suitable tool for your type of business. You can request a consultation on the dedicated section of the website.

What are the payment methods? has chosen PayPal as one of the tools with the most reliable security protocols for sending and receiving money. Stripe is used for credit cards. Thanks to this tool, you will be able to independently check and manage the status of your payments directly on the platform.

Can I access the data reports I need?

Each tool allows you to access data and organize it in an accurate working report which provides exact analysis.

Can I use multiple tools at the same time? offers the possibility of using more than one tool at the same time. It allows you to choose between different packages that can be modified according to your needs.

How to subscribe to offers a monthly or annual subscription service for each tool. For more information, consult the subscriptions and payments section of the site.

How can I register for an account?

To subscribe to the platform, just click on this link and provide the necessary information in order to register in a few simple steps.

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Ask a question. We connect Contents to people with our technology.

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